BASE2 integrates real estate and homeservices
at the last meter.

Last Meter is a member platform increasing
trust, efficiency + value from homeservices integration.

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Set building data rules
Get building data reports
Choose homeservices
Promote + resell homeservices
Add spatial data
Make spatial + technical upgrades
Real estate owners take back control of
their buildings, offer homeservices to residents, receive value share
Homeservices get building data + permission,
massive sales partnership, building upgrades
Get building access + data support
Report building use
Make promo + resale offer
Market promos + resale via real estate
Request spatial + technical upgrades
Support + finance upgrades
Ecosystem partners - locks, boxes, apps, tools, more -
get massive market access
Last Meter is free for basic use by real estate and homeservices.

Volume sales and optimized building use cost a fraction of transaction cost for homeservices.

Support services + premium features
are available to all members.

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PS If you are a resident or an office worker - and you want
Last Meter in your building - ping
Last Meter is based on the sustainable architecture
and urban design work of John Manoochehri.

Sustainable consumption and sustainable buildings + cities
need to be designed together.

Click to find more at the Last Meter Hub, where stories from the
Last Meter community - and across the world - are shared.